New NPC`s in Reborn Zone

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New NPC`s in Reborn Zone

Post  Tempty on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:10 am

So here`s my guide~ Starting from Shaitan.

The portal to Sandbag party & the priest who teleports you to church.

Winter quest NPC

Coins Exchanger-You can exchange coins for different stuffs.
Equips 70 exchanger-You can exchange runes for lv70 Claw/Paw.
Special Exchanger- Can exchange Kals/bible/heart of pharaon etc. for Special equips [like crown of deca]
Gem Exchanger- Can exchange runes for gems.

Mayday Card exchanger- Can trade mayday cards for some items [CB/acell pot/ref gem etc]
Weapon Apparel- Can buy weap apparel.
Gem store.- Can buy refining items & broken/cracked/chipped gems.
Kal exchanger.- Can trade kals for equips/items. [uns 65/mordo jr/chests/amps]

Ticket&Coral NPC - can buy tickets to everywhere & corals.

General Store- Can buy lvling items/analyze items etc

pet shop- can buy pet items
Reputation npc- can exchange reputation for stuffs

Apparel NPC`s- can buy apparels for any char


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