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Guia Mini boss!

Post  Sylphid on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:46 pm


Little Squidy Captain – (LVL 5) - Ascaron
DROP: Sheepy Cap, Attendant Gloves, Piercing Dagger, Sharp Blade, Gold Ring, Brass Ring, Fiery Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Little Squidy Captian Statue
New Coords: 2300,2531

Smuggler Leader – (LVL 20) - Ascaron
DROP: Heavy Leather Gloves, Scholar Boots, Hunter Boots, Explorer Gloves, Guerrilla Dagger, Light Dagger, Shining Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Smuggler Leader Statue
New Coords: 1635,3044

Violent Air Porky – (LVL 23) - Ascaron
DORP: Tower Shield, Night Owl Cap, Exquisite Gloves, Night Owl Muffs, Oarsman Boots, Light of the Holy Priest, Spirit Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Violent Air Porky Statue
New Coords: 1440,2876

Berserk Mad Boar – (LVL 30) - Ascaron
DROP: Big Crab Cap, Slick Gloves, Big Crab Muffs, Big Crab Shoes, Barbaric Ring, Wood Necklace, Gem of Striking, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Berserk Mad Boar Statue
New Coords: 864,2983

Grassland Wolf Champion – (LVL 33) - Ascaron
DROP: Owl Cap, Helmsman Gloves, Owl Muffs, Slick Boots, Cavalier Ring, Elegant Necklace, Gem of Colossus, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Grassland Wolf Champion Statue
New Coords: 1112,2746

Malicious Azure Siren – (LVL 40) - Ascaron - Marino
DROP: Dazzling Sword, Paladin Sword, Exquisite Rifle, Hyena Dagger, Thundorian Staff, Staff of Life, Gem of Rage, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Malicious Azure Siren Statue
New Coords: 3040,400

Magical Ocean:

Aberrance Hopping Lizard – (LVL 10) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Tough Gloves, Sheepy Shoes, Axe, Pickaxe, Brass Ring, Moonlight Necklace, Explosive Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Aberrance Hopping Lizard Statue
New Coords: 858,3251

Ancient Sandy Tortoise – (LVL 21) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Meowy Cap, Playful Racoon Cap, Meowy Muffs, Necklace of the Roaring Wind , Necklace of Dusk, Reinforced Ring, Shadow Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Ancient Sandy Tortoise Statue
New Coords: 1221,3219

Man-Eating Spider Queen – (LVL 27) - Magical Ocean
DROP: Crabby Cap, Crabby Shoes, Nurse Gloves, Exquisite Boots, Huge Bear Footprint, Soul Necklace, Gem of the Wind, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Man-Eating Spider Queen Statue
New Coords: 1075,2961

Elite Tempest Sea Jelly – (LVL 36) - Magical Ocean - Marino
DROP: Whammy Chest, Glory Coat, Battle Armor of the Tempest, Coat of Frozen Crescent, Mark of the Dragon, Counterattack Ring, Gem of Colossus, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Elite Tempest Sea Jelly Statue
New Coords: 1967,3117

Deep Blue:

Strong Little Deer – (LVL 7) - Deep Blue
DROP: Safari Boots, Soft Leather Boots, Axe, Pickaxe, Gold Ring, Necklace of Vitality, Furious Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Strong Little Deer Statue
New Coords: 1127,325

Vampiric Elk – (LVL 14) - Deep Blue
DROP: Canvas Gloves, Adventure Boots, Kitty Shoes, Battle Staff, Animal Tusk Ring, Vaudeville Necklace, Lustrious Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Vampiric Elk Statue
New Coords: 903,373

Snowy Snail Monarch – (LVL 19) - Deep Blue
DROP: Safari Gloves, Explorer Boots, Heavy Leather Boots, Scholar Gloves, Assault Ring, Necklace of the Roaring Wind , Glowing Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Snowy Snail Monarch Statue
New Coords: 667,386

Fearsome Skeletal Archer – (LVL 36) - Deep Blue
DROP: Sword of the Tempest, Sword of Glowing Flame, Flaming Pistol, Seal of Frozen Crescent, Glory Sigil, Blade of the Tempest, Gem of Rage, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Fearsome Skeletal Archer Statue
New Coords: 2213,436

Aberrance Blood Polliwog – (LVL 34) - Deep Blue
DROP: Coat of the Tempest, Whammy Chest, Battle Armor of Nature, Flaming Coat, Crusader Ring, Ashen Gem, Spirit Gem, Mooncake
NEW DROP ITEM: Aberrance Blood Polliwog Statue
New Coords: 3584,3756

Espero ter ajudado!!!!
Lembrando que eles nascem após 30 minutos da ultima morte!

Ty Syl Razz


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