Seal master guide

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Seal master guide

Post  kreppa on Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:15 pm

First of all u need to be lvl 10 ami or phillis and take the herbalist class at the class npc witch is in argent 2193, 2759. Then u need to lvl up to 40 and take the seal master class on same npc. Fast way to lvl up is to find a mentor that will lvl u up if u cannot find mentor this monsters are good to kill:

Level 10 - 17 : Angelic Pandas 1655, 2563 - Ascaron, OR Phantom Trees 884, 3028 - Magical Ocean

Level 17 - 20 : Owlies 1384, 3065 - Ascaron, OR Naive Snow Dolls 1055, 738 - Deep Blue

Level 18 - 21 : Smugglers 1624, 3017 - Ascaron

Level 20 - 26 : Rookie Boxeroo 1117, 2923 - Ascaron

Level 27 - 32 : White Owlies and/or Grassland Elk 1360, 2683 Ascaron

Level 33 - 40 : Ferocious Scorpions 2373, 551 - Deeb Blue

OK now when u are lvl 40 it is good to go sand bag paradise (portal opens 2173, 2782 in argent) there u can lvl up fast. When u reach lvl 70 u will be able to enter in mirrage. There u can get fast lvl with party and after lvl 90 u can go to winter isle.

Now the skills needed for seal master: first of all u need heal lvl 1 then u should go for lvl 10 spiritual bolt , vigor lvl 8, divine grace lvl 2, cursed fire lvl 4, shadow insignia lvl 10 and seal of elder lvl 10 when u have done this u can take buffs and revive. For that u need hardin lvl 3, recover lvl 4, and revival. For buffs u need spiritual fier and tempest boost.

Now for stats u can go for pure con for good defence or pure spr for good spiritual bolts or both of each.

Equipment u need good staff with soul gems and good armor with colossus gems if u can.

Pet u need 1 spr pet and 1 con pet.

Thats all Wink


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