This is my Ideal way of a Crusader "Slasher" PVP BUILD

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This is my Ideal way of a Crusader "Slasher" PVP BUILD

Post  Lennox on Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:23 pm

This is only a guide tyo help you guys and girls how to build your Crusader dont need to go exactly a it said. feel free to explore new ways XD.
We all know that we lvlup fast here on these amazing game, but not everyone knows about a good build for hes character so i will share some to you guys and girls of course. I took part of this guide from the official page and add it to my knowledge.
To new player first lvlup yourself to lvl 9-10 outside of Argent or whatever city, then find yourself a good mentor taht will lvl you to lvl 60 max. Some will lvlup more but no everybody.

Slasher: it is a Crusader build that revolves around your illusion slash damage. Your slash will be your soulmate never forget that you can use it for attack most of the time and for defense.

Note: this build is for PVP, looking for the most damage you can hit your oponent.
Aim for 210 attack speed (either pump base AGI, forge Gem of Wind, wear equipment with lotsa AGI, grab attack speed boosting equipment)
2) Raise your base damage as high as you can (by raising your STR via stats/forging, wearing equipment that gives STR and/or bonuses to min/max damage)
3) Work towards maxing Illusion Slash, Dual Sword Mastery, Shadow Slash, Deftness, Sword Mastery

-raise a pure STR pet
- max your base STR
- get the best swords you can get.
- careful selection of equipment : armor pieces/rings
- Have a cleric to buff you really good, so you can max out the damage you give.

How do your slash hit mroe strong:
-Illusion slash skill lvl
-Attack Speed (you get dmg multipliers at 140 and 210 aspd)
- Base damage
Better maintain you attack speed on 210 and then pump the base damage.

There are people who said the best offense is a good defense well on this one we will look for devastating ofense, I want to be kill people with one slash do you know how cool is that and how great you kill someone with one slash XD.

Basics Skills: lvl 10-40
Concentration lvl 2 increase hit rate
Sword Mastery lvl 3 increased the attack sword
Ilussion slash max (Use th energy of the sword to damage the enemy good for PVP)
Berserk lvl 5 increase hit rate and the attack speed

Pro skill: lvl 40-64
Dual sword Mastery Increase the attack of the two handing swords
Blood Frenzy max Reduce the time wait of the attack using 2 swords
Deftness lvl 3 increase Dodge
Stealth lvl 1 Make`s you invisible while you have SP.( good for PVP)
Shadow Slash max (Stun your enemys (good for PVP)

From lvl 64+ you put points whatever you feel necesary. Put agi until you get 210 attack speed then go STR that how i will do it.
Focus on 1 Stat only then put the other.
Get some rings that help you boost your status (STR rings)
Find some nice sword with great status then put gems of STR, BD gems if you can.
try to get one of this:


I hope these guide have help some of the stuff i get i give credits to chuck on the Official, i try to find a good image but diidnt find any i like.

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Re: This is my Ideal way of a Crusader "Slasher" PVP BUILD

Post  JrKairi on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:08 pm

ur way to be a cru is good but i noticed something about slashers... its that their def is really low and when everytime someone slashes them they die. like in arena 2 everyone slashes and run.. if u have good def it would take few cru to slash u till u me people slash and stuns.

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