Guide CON Voyager PVP and Lvling

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Guide CON Voyager PVP and Lvling

Post  Lennox on Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:14 pm

As you have read the subjet this is for PVP, so you dont have to be afraid of any other class. I love the CON voy and when i made my first CON voy on the Official TOP i love it. i could kill mobs that were 10 or more lvl that me on PVP i could kill crusader lvl 65+ beed myself a lvl 55 CON voy. and on DS no one could kill me. not that easy. I dont have any grudge angainst other race just so everyone knows. Enough about me lets start this.

For start form lvl 1-9 put everything on CON and then from lvl 10-15 put 10 points of SPR so we could grasp some damage then everything on CON but if you need more damage you can add more SPR. Anyone is feel free to put your points after all this is just a Guide.

After you startup adn get yourself your mentor he will lvl you to lvl 60 or maybe more. Then you hav some nice points to put you can go the whole way to CON or put half CON and Half SPR (i will go to full CON but is you choice i wont be the one playing) and of course this is a private server so you can get some nice armor and weapons to compensate.

SKILL BUILD: lvl 10-39 (didnt find any image worth of putting)
- Diligence lvl 5 (you can max it at lvl 70+) recover SP.
- Ligthing Bolt max strike with a Ligthing toy your enemy.
- Current lvl 3 make your ship faster (only for sea)
- Conch Armor lvl 5 raise the defense of your Ship (only for sea)

Voyager lvl 40-65+
- COnch ray max strike with a ray of light ( good for PVP and stuning enemys)
- Tornado lvl 5 shoot at tornado on your enemys that make`s then fly (Good for PVP it can be used for ofensive and defensive ways
- Alga Entanglement lvlit at your choice (this skill is for the sea paralize your enemys.
- Lightning Curtain max Make a Storm of Lightning ( skil for the sea, hit continuesly over an area)
- Fog lvl it at your own choice (it will make you invisible for a while)


- There`s not mcuh to say try to have unseal equipment or equipment with great status like more CON and SPR
- Get yourself a PET one of CON and 1 of SPR (to you pet put it the skil Standart Meditationthat will slow down the use of your SP and it recover it faster and Standart Magic it will increase your attack with Lightning and Conch ray.


Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Agility +5
Forge with : Boots

Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Accuracy +5
Forge with : Gloves

Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Strength +5
Forge with : every weapon

Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Attack +50
Forge with : every weapon

Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Constitution +5
Forge with : Armor & Shield

SOUL OF BLACK DRAGON (image is damage sorry)
Efect of the gem: Gem Bonus Physical Resist
Forge with: Armor % Shields

This are the basics of gems hope it can be of some use to all of you (theres also the Ref Gem that you need it with one of those gems to forge it into your armor and Weapons.

With this i conclude my part with this guide it took me sometime to do it, feel free to put any sugestions i give credits to Yotup of the Official TOP old friend of mine.

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