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Rates of the Server Idea

  • Solo Exp = 18x

  • Party Exp = 20x

  • Pet Exp = 20x

  • Drop Rate = 10x

  • Ship Exp = 80x

Every Friday and Saturday, Event of EXP cheers

  • Solo Exp = 30x

  • Party Exp = 25x

  • Pet Exp = 40x

  • Drop Rate = 15x

  • Ship Exp = 100x

Know why they want to play this server? Check this out! affraid

  • Several methods easy and fast to get Gold!

  • NPC's to help players get items easily!

  • Quests to help get level quickly and items!

  • All Apareal in NPC and super cheap, including new Apareal!

  • New Maps for the players to have fun and play at PK!

  • Events held all weekends for players!

  • Balancing Classes! All classes have an equal chance of being strong!

  • Players who help others in the game!

  • Why play on another server if you already have it all here Question

Important Information

  • Newbie Box at Level 35, The Player gets to open a Full Set Unsealad 35 and 100k Gold.

  • Newbie Box at Level 40, The Player gets to open a Full Set Unsealad 45 and 1 Amplifier 5x.

  • Level maximum for players on server is 120, with no bugs.

  • Status Points Spirit has changed from a maximum of 100, to the maximum of 130 points.

  • Cleric, Voyager, Seal Master - had modified their attacks to the sort Range, and may attack a certain distance like a bow or gun..

  • Corals from the Voyagers now have the same status of Unique Rings and Necks.

  • Changed the drop of Gems in normal mobs of mazes for chipeed, Craked and Broken.

  • Chests of DarkSwap Forsaken City and has a chance to drop Kal Runestone.

  • Cerberus - spawn 6 Hours [For more Drops of Holy Bible].

  • Black Dragon's Lair and Lone Tower's - becomes PK map

  • Boss - Summer, Spring, Underwalter and Autun Isle drop Refinig Gems and Chipped Gems.

  • Boss Lone Tower 6 - with drops of Refinig Gem, Wyrm Shield, Unique Gem and Super Gem.

  • Hexalon Quest - Only open on Sundays for 30 minutes, this quest can give you high amount of Experience and Gold and a Special Chest!

  • Rebirth Mystical Power, has effect bonus HP, SP, Defense, and Movement Speed Physical Resist 8% in all these cited.

  • Rebirth Level 2 - Added a Skill that has the ability to put the player in the state Invulnerable for 6 Seconds.

  • Rebirth Level 1 -If the player makes the Quest Complete, to finish the quest, the player will receive a Weapon Death Set and Full Set Black Dragon.

  • Chaos Argent - By winning the maze Chaos Argent, you will get beyond the [King Emblem], you also receive 1 kal Runestone.

[b][size=13]Balancing Status in each Class.
What a Face

  • Cleric - Got a big increase in HP and Defense and the amount of SP.

  • Seal Master - Got a big increase in HP and Defense and the amount of SP.

  • ShapShooter - Got a big increase in HP, Defense and ASPD.

  • Voyager - Got a big increase in HP and Defense and the amount of SP.

  • Champion - Improved HP passive Champion in 8%.

Changes in Skill's Shocked

  • Voyager - Skill [Conch Armor], with the effect of increasing Defense by 90 points at sea and on land.

  • Voyager - Skill [Fog] with Recover and keeps Voy Stealth mode for 7 seconds.

  • Voyager - LightBolt with Damage increased by 20%

  • Voyager - Conch Ray, with the Stun effect of 1.5 seconds on any map.

  • Seal Master - Skill Abyss Mire with a 50% reduction Mov Speed.

  • Seal Master - Skill Cursed Fire with 65% reduction on attack and defense of the enemy.

  • Seal Master - Skill Seal of Elder with Stun [2 Second].

  • Seal Master - Skill Shadow Insigna with damage per second.

  • Cleric - Skill Energy Shield, improvement in 50% more resistance to damage.

  • Cleric - Skill Angelic Shield, with an increase in Defence by 50%.

  • Champion - Skill How, with an increase in Range and Damage by 50%.

  • Champion - Skill Might Strike, increase in damage and with efect Poison.

  • SharpShooter - Skill HeadShoot,reduced cooldown and increased damage effect Black Dragon in 35k.

  • SharpShooter - Skill Cripple, reducing Dodge and Movement Speed by 75%.

  • SharpShooter - Skill Eagle Eye, New Skill to activate that has the effect of increasing by 2 minutes 40% of ASPD, 100 Attack and 100 Defense

Modifications to Forge Gem Twisted Evil

  • Gem of Soul e Azreal's Light - can be forged in boots and gloves

  • Forge 100% to Gems at Level 5

  • Gemas de Rings [Diamonds Gens] can not be removed after Forged

  • Chipped Gem can be up to forge a maximum Level 6

  • Cracked Gem can be up to forge a maximum Level 7

  • Black Dragon Gem can be up to forge a maximum Level 3

  • Losses of Gems in the Forge, above Lv6 is the responsibility of the Player, the server will not return if the failure Gema.

New Maps cyclops

  • Sand Bag Paradaise - For the player with Level 80 or less able to increase the level a few minutes!

  • Chaos Icicle - New Chaos, but in Icicle City, where you can get many rare gems and items!

  • Bounty Hunter - Maze PK mode, with medium level of difficulty, where one can get many great items!

  • Glacier Armageddon -Maze PK mode, with high level of difficulty, where one can get many great items!

  • Demonic World 3 - New Maze created by Reborn Team where you can get valuable items! Similar to Death Equips

  • UnderWorld e Obscure Dominion - New Maze created by Reborn Team where you can get Super Valuable items! Death Set and more!

  • Arena PK 1 - Mini Map PVP between players

  • Arena PK 2 - Mini Map PVP between players

  • Arena PK 3 - Mini Map PVP between players

Methods to win Gold bounce

  • Each Grouth your Fairy, besides receiving Fairy Coins, you will also receive 1 Gold Note you can sell on the NPC for 60K [Temporary Bag, alt + d].

  • Drops of "Fake Document" in Smuglers mobs, where you can sell each item for 7.5k.

  • Drops of items in the Forsaken City, DarkSwap and Demonic World, the drops can be sold 20k to 25k each item.

  • Reputation, you can redeem his reputation helping the new players on the server for items or gold.

Come play on our server and you will see a server that is fun and durable to play! Laughing

  • Nothing Gems Edited!

  • No Weapons Edited!

  • Nothing edited fairy!

  • No Players immortal! For all Classes and Items are balanced!


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