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Post  lifesembers on Wed May 19, 2010 3:35 pm

alot of people walk around begging for gold, or asking how to get gold, so i decided to post this short guide.

1) go to abadon and use the teleporter to teleport to Rockery Haven. walk east and kill the lvl 20 smugglers. pick up and sell the fake documents to vendors. they sell for 15k each. cords for them are (1605,3050)

2) mentoring. if you mentor someone and get them to lvl 40 ish, you get around 5k reputation. trade the reputation to the vendor just east of argent bank, for a refining gem and sell the gem to other players for 8-9 million gold.

3) mentoring: if you mentor someone to lvl 70, they get a refining gem (sells for 8-9M) and 2 lvl 2 sandgabs wich you can sell for around 10-20M

4)you can do the life skills quest and get woodcutting, chop and sell the wood for 2,500 each to vendors.

more ways to get money comming soon.


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