Pirate Guild Slots!------- Crimson's Recruiting!!

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Pirate Guild Slots!------- Crimson's Recruiting!! Empty Pirate Guild Slots!------- Crimson's Recruiting!!

Post  Darthtay on Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:22 am

Hello recently a couple friends and I were looking to start our own guild, due to the lack of a serious guild on this server (with reasonable requirements tojoin)
But we quickly ran into the problem that the pirate guild listings are full ( and it's not like there is any such thing as a serious navy guild) so after spamming world chat for quite sometime I've found none that are willing to sell me there guild slot...
And with a majority of the Pirate guilds having no more that 5 people it's clear that everyone just made a guild at the server start...

So all I ask is that you ( the admins) remove all guilds with 1-5 members that were not made within the last week, which I think many other will agree is more than reasonable, if I made a guild just for my alts it would reach nearly 20 people...

Also if your interested in a great guild please visit crimsons.freeforums.org our forum, there you can register and can apply ingame as soon as the guild is made!!

Forum is open to all for now, but when the guild opens we will place reasonable requirements tojoin that are easily achievable for any player who has played this server for a couple days!

Any questions please visit our forum, I am the site admin (TheLastExile)



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