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The best build by Jonny Empty The best build by Jonny

Post  Jonny on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:25 am

[b]Hello! i`m romanian so sorry for the bad english...This is my version of a good TANK:

So, if you go in sandbag maze, maybe you will make lvl 75.You need:
CON:full(100) + armor/sword/fairy
STR:try to have 100 at bigger level
AGI:it`s important for a champ..I have 10 , boot with my gems, fairy, clotes I get a good atack speed

1) Weak in normal leveling.
2) Low accuracy and low attack speed.
3) No buffs.

1) Large amount of HP
2) High defense
3) Because of the two point above, champion would always be the last to die in a group.
4) Cool primal rage skill
5) The only character with tattoo
6) Does not need to rely much to mambo-jambo skills.
7) Has Area-Of-Effect skill at level40.
Cool You are the only guy who actually looks like a badass pirate in the whole game (except voyager)

The Champion need DEFENSE.A big,glowing sword+some lvl 65-75 clothes and a fairy(of con/or MJ) will be enough.

The description of a Carise/Champion:

"Child of a human and demon, his father was the only survivor of the demon tribe and his mother was a simple woman from a fishing village. When Carsise was twelve, the identity of his father was exposed. Both his parents were put to the stake and burnt to death. Obeying his father's last words, he did not take revenge on the village and started a life of wandering. However, he was despised everywhere he go due to his bloodline. Undaunted, he moved from place to place. Finally, the determined Carsise found Lance and Phyllis who embraced him for who he really is and the three of them started off a new life of exploration together."


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