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Post  shark on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:04 pm

Why making sockets

First of all in order to forge
your weapon/armor you need a socket, so that you could put gem into it.
You have two means to get socket equipment:

  1. You could get it from a monster drop that
    has 1 (One) socket on it already;
  2. You could make a socket on the equipment by

How to make sockets on an equipment

  1. You need an
    equipment, equipment catalyst, equipment stabilizer
    ( you can buy "Socket Maker Voucher" at NPC-Rober, argent fontain) and 50,000 coins;
Socket Making Clip_image002_0001

  1. After having those
    materials, go to Shaitan Blacksmith at (900, 3495);

  2. Click on "Fusion"
    then put the equipment first, then the equipment catalyst and
    stabilizer then pay and click "ok".

Socket Making Clip_image002_0002

Socket Making Clip_image004_0003

Socket Making Clip_image006_0001Socket Making Clip_image008_0001

Then congratulations! there you
got it!


  1. You can only make 3 sockets.

  2. 3 sockets can be
    made without failure when making sockets;

  3. Be careful on not to put
    the wrong equipment because once you are done making sockets, the
    ingredients will be gone, too!

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