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Apparel upgrade is
used when you want to upgrade your weapons to 110% effectiveness,
having 110% effectiveness gives you some bonus stats on the original
equip. Example: You got a 100 attack sword with 100%
effectiveness as it's original, once it is 110% effectiveness your
sword will become 110 attack sword, that is

How to do

Aperal Upgrade Clip_image002_0005

  1. Make sure you have all
    the ingredients before stepping in, the basic ingredients are
    simple you just need the apparel piece that you
    want to upgrade, strengthening scroll and of course strengthening
    ; (just buy "Aperal Upgrade Voucher at NPC-robert).

  2. Go to Shaitan
    Blacksmith at ( 900, 3495 )
    and click on "Apparel

  3. Place the strengthening
    scroll then the apparel that you are going to upgrade,
    strengthening crystal and then a million of coins;

  4. After you successfully
    apparel upgrade it’ll increase the effectiveness by 2%.


  1. When apparel upgrading it
    has a chance that it might fail and lose the money;

  2. Apparel upgrade costs
    considerably so you need to think carefully before trying this kind of
    upgrade. Minimum of 1m per upgrade when it’s level 10 and maximum
    of 2.25m for level 14-15;

  3. Maximum apparel upgrade
    level is 15.

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