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Post  shark on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:19 pm

Gem Extraction

Itens needed:

- You just need 1 Blacksmith Pliers. You can buy it at NPC Robert, argent 2240-2770 for 800k.
Gem Extraction BlacksmithPliers

Where and How to do:

- You need to go to Spring Town (Deep Blue) and talk with Furnace of Immortality (3258-2501). And choose Extract Gem.

Gem Extraction 20081013_6576cb1e6d89789e3e79VSMeypyC1RCm

-Put the equipment at left and Plier at right.

Gem Extraction 20081013_96af8d26ce8e359b6068fn9foLZlbnTg

- Confirm (You gotta pay 20k).

Gem Extraction 20081013_595fce2de15284f2267bGc8KnIxldOPS

- Done, Gem is now, out of the equipment.

Gem Extraction 20081013_857ad38a7bb69a7a2727Id96cWbkqc3I

Gem Extraction 20081013_1d3be1dd496f788a708eev7XhoZpsFqP


- After extract gem, it'll go to your inventory.

Gem Extraction 20081013_1e05c0e0cda47fd4f751PXF4ybrqf9bY

- You CANT choose what gem will be extracted. Extracted Gem
will be at 1st Socket.
- If you have a gem lvl 2, it gonna extract lvl 2, but will keep lv1 at equip.
- If you have gem lvl 2
or more at 1st socket, and wants to remove the gem
that is at 2nd socket,
You must remove all gems from 1st socket.
- Refining Gems WONT be extracted.


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