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Sharpshooter guide Empty Sharpshooter guide

Post  kreppa on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:39 pm

First you need to be lvl 10 lance or phillish and get the hunter class at the class npc in argent 2193, 2759 then you need to get lvl 40 fast with a good mentor and take the sharpshooter class at same npc.

Sharopshooter can have many builds:

ACC - Agi hybrid build:
Good speed and attack.

Pure ACC - Agi build:
Good attack and fine speed.

Pure AGI - Acc build:
Shoot really fast but not so good attack.

CON - Acc build:
Have good hp and fine attack.

Now the skills:

Dual shot lv2
Frozen arrow lv5
Ranged mastery lv10

Cripple lv10
Firearm Mastery lv10
Enfeeble lv10
Headshot lv10
Windwalk lv10

when u have more skill points use them in what u want Smile

Pets: sharpshooter need 1 agility pet 1 pet of con and 1 pet of acc

For equip is good to get lvl 70 frame and 70 claw and lvl 55 ca paw Smile


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