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Post  shark on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:25 pm

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Cap00007

-It's a maze for all players

-It's all in PK area

-The portal to enter is at icicle 1342,581

- It's change mobs and chests with the time.

Bounty Hunter Cap00006m

- Portal keep opens for 30mins

-Maze stays 45minutes opened after System says.

Rewards: If only a people stays alive until end, this wins 1 King's PK
If 5-4-3-2 people stay alive until end, these wins 1 Saint's PK emblem each.

5 Saint's PK emblem
can be traded for 1 King's.

King's PK emblem can be traded for:

7 Refining gem voucher =
3 King's PK emblem
1 Kal runestone = 4
PK emblem

1 Mordo Junior Chest = 6 King's PK emblem
1 Elemental
Neck lv70-90 = 8
King's PK emblem
1 Chest Fairy 3th Generation = 10 King's
PK emblem

1 Elemental Ring lv70-90 = 12 King's PK emblem

At NPC Mazes Administrator, It stays at 1330,580
Bounty Hunter Cap00009


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