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Basics Informaton:

Coordenades to Portal: Magical Ocean
(2037,2779 - SEA).
Portal to DS2 is at (153, 137)
Portal to DS3 is at (501, 914).
Maze is opened for 120minutes (2 hours) when System says.

What you can get There?

- Dark
Swamp Chests (Sealed Equips lvl 45 (random)
- Incantation Chests all Class (Lvl 40)
- Evanescence Chests all Class
(Lvl 50)
- Beautiful Chests
- Mystic Chests
- Ja Runestones
Tef Runestones
- Fel Runestones
- Lum Runestones
- Mud
- Strengthening Scroll
- Fusion Scroll
Kal Runestones

Maps of Dark Swamp:

Chests in DS1 just drop Beautiful Chests, Mystic
Chests and Fel Runestones.

Dark Swamp 20071227_735dace27919d2f94767cw47xEsBmzkR

DS2 -
Chests just drop Incantation Chests and Beautiful Chests.

Dark Swamp 20071227_88584c33235a0d3cd97aJNCTuzQIxldM

DS3 -

Chests drop Evanescence Chests, Beautiful Chests and
Kal Runestones.
Dark Swamp 20071227_aea93cdbd533c33eefe8DssA09A9tAgo


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