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Post  shark on Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:57 pm

Below what itens you need:

- Fusion Scroll
- Aperal
Fusion Catalist

- The equipment that you'll fuse.

Note: You can "Aperal Fusion Voucher" at NPC - Robert at argent city, and Aperals at Icicle fount and argent fount.

Apparel Fusion Procedure

1. Talk to Blacksmith
Smithy in Shaitan City at (902, 3495) and select [Apparel Fusion].

Aperal Fusion 20070308222951481
2. Place [Fusion Scroll],
[Apparel], [Equipment] and [Fusion Catalyst] as shown below

Aperal Fusion 20070308223052183
Note: If
[Equipment] has been imbued with gems before, you will have to insert a
[Fusion Catalyst] as well in order to retain the gems attribute.
However, if [Equipment] has never undergone any forging process, you do
not need to insert the [Fusion Catalyst].

3. Apparel Fusion fee:
[Equipment] level requirement x 10000G. Example:

]4. Success rate of
Apparel Fusion is 100. After Apparel Fusion process, original
[Equipment] will disappear and replaced with [Apparel] which has the
attribute of the original [Equipment].

Aperal Fusion 20070308223130734
]Apparel Fusion

1. Only items of same type and character
requirement as the apparel can be fused.

Example 1

[Equipment] Raging Bull Tattoo (Carsise)
[Apparel] Wild Caveman Robe (Carsise)
Both item stated above can be
fused together.
Example 2

[Equipment] Battle Armor of Sistine (Lance)
[Apparel] Wild Caveman Robe (Carsise)
Both item stated above cannot be
fused together.
Example 3

[Equipment] Raging Bull Tattoo (Armor)
[Apparel] Wild Caveman Gloves (Gloves)
Both item stated above cannot be
fused together.

2. There is no limit to
the number of times that a piece of equipment can be fused with Apparel. If existing fused equipment under go another Apparel

Fusion End Result

1. Original equipment name
and appearance will be overwritten by Apparel while retaining
original attributes.

2. Apparel Fusion will not fail in any case.

3. Fused equipment will still retain
class, level and character requirement of original equipment.

4. Special attribute from
unique set will no longer take effect after Apparel Fusion. Example:
Black Dragon set bonus effect.


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